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inside nilsapuig

a heart for classic charm & old-fashioned graces

named after the founder's mother, nilsapuig was born out of love for beauty and quality craftsmanship. this luxury sustainable brand ascribes to the principles of responsible design, ethically sourced clothing, and fair labor practices. the pieces are made-to-order ensuring waste is kept to a minimum. namely, they are not mass produced but carefully and thoughtfully manufactured with a focus on materials selection and quality inspection, taking into account the life cycle of a garment. inspired by a slow fashion ethos, nilsapuig believes in smart design. moreover, nilsapuig believes there is room for semi-exclusives and the idea of "shopping small" in a globalized world. the trademark of ethically sourced clothing.



we do not believe in trends. rather, we believe in the spellbinding beauty that is inherent in old-fashioned graces. -Elizabeth