living slow is having a renaissance

Updated: Apr 28

I’ve been trying to teach my dear son that it is consequential that everything we do must be done with a purpose and for the glory of our Creator. in that light, and aiming to walk my talk, I’ve begun making minuscule changes to our lifestyle, one of them being sourcing seasonal food locally. the farm to table concept had always sparked my interest but distracted with the busyness of life as a sole-proprietor-entrepreneur-single-mother-of-a-homeschooler, I couldn’t find time to get organized and pay more attention to where I was sourcing our food from. I recently decided to take tiny steps and just begin.

this past weekend my son and I visited a local blueberry farm in central Florida. for the first time we experienced the rewarding task of picking berries directly from the branch. it was a comforting moment. perhaps it sounds simple but for the two of us, it was grand.

the idea of buying directly from your local farmer makes so much sense to me. bypassing the industrialized distribution channels, all the unnatural things done to the produce to preserve them, and gathering the most fresh, healthy, and bursting-with-flavor ingredients makes me feel more human... more connected to my purpose.

I believe that living slow is having a renaissance. purposeful living encompasses every detail of everyday life, the food you eat, the clothes you wear, your connection with people… it just brings you back to the place you were meant to be.

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